Virtual Vacations

It's pretty easy for me to get stir-crazy in the winter. I just hate staying in the house all day (especially with two kids!) So yesterday I decided we needed to get out and go on an adventure. We went to this coffee house called the Solid Rock Kaffe. I had been there several times to meet with teens when I was still a youth minister, but Donna had never been before. I really wanted her to see it. It is a very nice Christian coffee house in the old part of Eureka, MO.

Inside it feels like a cross between Starbucks and Panera Bread. It has a two large supple leather couches perpendicular to a fire place, a wall lined with bookshelves stocked with current Christian books and Bibles you can purchase, about 10 small tables to eat at, and a corner where musicians can perform on the weekends.

We enjoyed a scrumptious chocolate eclair and a delicious berry smoothie with whipped cream on top. The point of the trip wasn't to eat though (we had just had lunch at our house). The point was to get out of the house and do something. And although I had been there before this was a completely new place for my family. And that's important because this is how we create our own little vacation like moments.

The formula works like this: We (a) go out of town, even if it's just the town right next to us, and (b) eat at a new restaurant. When we do this it almost always feels like we are on vacation, and we love it! For me, life can get so boring sometimes and just seeing some unfamiliar faces, in an unfamiliar city, eating in an unfamiliar restaurant is just the shot in the arm I need to escape the blahs. This is the DeMarco family secret for dashing the doldrums.