Joker, Smoker, or Midnight Toker?

Yesterday I went to dinner at Panera Bread. After I got my food, I dropped it off at what looked like a comfortable booth for some eating and reading, and then headed to the bathroom to relieve myself before I ate.

In the bathroom their was one stand up urinal and one stall, side by side. I was peeing at the stand up urinal when I smelled the distinct scent of marijuana coming from the stall. I know this smell well because, well, let's just say, I know someone who uses it.

Then I heard some movement coming from the stall. It sounded like someone in heavy winter coat handling a plastic bag. Now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone is in the stall smoking a doobie.

Who does this at a restaruant at 4:30 in the evening? Was it one of the workers at Panera Bread? They have that sort of earthy, back to nature attitude, what with their fresh baked breads and all. Maybe this is what all the workers do during their breaks? What would this mean for my food? Maybe those green broccoli bits in my soup aren't broccoli at all, but ground up cannabis? Did I inadvertently order the "magic" broccoli cheddar soup!

Luckily my booth was close enough to the restrooms to have a clear view of the individual whenever he exited the restroom. After what seemed like forever, someone finally emerged. And it was...

A teenager in a big winter coat with a glazed over look in his eyes (not an employee). So needless to say I wouldn't be getting stoned tonight.