Be a "Yes Man"

I just finished reading a book called "Yes Man" by Danny Wallace. It is a hilarious true story of the time the author decided to say "yes" to every favor, request, suggestion, and invitation for 6 months. You can imagine what kinds of adventures this gets Danny into.

On of my favorites is when he gets offered some psychotropic drugs in Holland and the next day finds himself in possession of a charcoal portrait of himself and the imaginary dog he had on his shoulder (which he demanded be drawn into the picture).

I love this book because it has so much inspiration in it. Inspiration to say "yes" more so you won't miss out on life's opportunities. It also holds the cautionary tale of saying "yes" to everything, because saying "yes" to something often means saying "no" to something else. Boy, if I was a preacher I could preach this.

This is the kind of book that reminded me of why I enjoy reading so much. Checka...check it out!
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