I don't know when I changed but I just don't get jazzed about Halloween any more. Now as a child, Halloween was hands-down the greatest Holiday only second to Christmas. My parents used to make us (my other brothers and sisters) put all of our candy in a big tupperware bowl. Then my mother would carefully disperse these goodies for what seemed like months. Yes, Halloween was good. Dressing up was also fun, but for some reason this just doesn't resonate with me anymore. Maybe it's because costumes are so expensive these days. I don't want to spend forty bucks to look like Captain Jack Sparrow for one night. And the kids costumes are not much cheaper themselves. At the same time though, I don't want my kids to look like I couldn't get them a good costume, i.e. dressing them up like hobo's or clowns (classic cheap costumes). So at this point, I'm not sure what my kids will be for Halloween this year... maybe Frankenstein?