The Scariest Movie That Still Affects Me Now.

I guess Halloween is almost here, at least that's the not-so-subtle cue I'm getting from Wal-Mart. They already have aisles stocked with Halloween Candy, Halloween decorations on the end-caps, and Halloween masks and costumes for sale. It's the time of year for all things scary and all of this is an unpleasant reminder of the scariest movie I ever saw as a child, Friday the 13th.

Why in the world did my parents ever let me see this movie!!!!

The whole premise of a psycho killer coming out of a murky lake to kill people, forever ruined my ability to go swimming in water where I cannot see the bottom. I know it's just a movie, but in my childhood subconsciousness, Jason may still be down there.

***A close second would be the movie "Halloween". I couldn't listen to the song, "Mr. Sandman", for years without getting creeped out.

What movie traumatized you as a child?