Freaky Tiki

Today my four year old son freaked me and his mother out! One of the activities he enjoys doing on the computer is looking at family pictures we have stored on Picasa (a google software program that stores and edits photos). It's kind of funny how much of a kick he gets out of it. He especially likes looking at all of the goofy faces he's made over the years. He often laughs out loud at his lunacy. So needless to say, he knows how to scroll around and look at pictures on Picasa.

Well, my wife was on Picasa and looking for the pictures we had uploaded from last month. There were a couple of pictures she especially wanted to find and see how they turned out. She found one of them and noticed that it was a great picture except for the red eyes on our youngest son. So she started to go to the edit function to remove the red eyes when my four year son says...

SON- "No mom let me do it!" (in an almost bossy tone)

ME- "What are you talking about?"

SON- "Here give me the mouse."

WIFE "How would he know how to do that?" (my wife and I looking at each other eerily)

ME- "I have no idea. I didn't teach him."

He then proceeds to go directly to where the redeye remove function is. Selects it. Then uses the mouse to outline the eyes (not an easy task, mind you, for a small four year olds shaky hands). Clicks "apply" and it's done. (cue theme song from the Twilight zOne)

O.K. So here is what I'm thinking. Either (a) my son is an idiot savant (b) he's taking computer night classes at the local community college when the rest of the family is sleeping or (c) he's the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates (Please Lord let it be choice C!)