The Greatest Cartoons Ever

In my Human Growth & Development class tonight, our teacher had us break into groups and brainstorm what we thought infants absolutely needed. Being funny, someone said television, and then off of that someone mentioned their favorite childhood cartoon. So that got all of us briefly talking about Saturday morning cartoons. Interestingly enough, we all kind of feel like the cartoons offered today fall short of the greatness cartoons once possessed. Well this got me thinking. I wonder if every generation feels like their cartoons are the best cartoons ever, or if one generation does have better cartoons than the others?

What do you think? Are the cartoons you grew up with superior to all others?

Foot Note: According to the Brookings Institute of Advanced Animation Studies, here are the top ten cartoons of all time, based on quality of animation, storyline, music, and kids response.

#1 Looney Tunes (oh what highs we'll hit... on with the show this is it!)
#2 Tom & Jerry
#3 G.I. Joe (Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.)
#4 Mighty Mouse
#5 Fat Albert
#6 Flintstones
#7 He Man and the Masters of the Universe (By the Power of Gray Skull... I have the POWER!)

#8 Thunder Katz
#9 Smurfs
#10 Scooby Doo