How To Get To Know Yourself

Try this scientifically proven exercise to gain insight into who you are.

Step one: Google your name followed by the words likes to in quotation marks. (ex: "John likes to")

Step two: Record the ten most interesting findings on your blog.

Here's an assessment of myself.

#1 John likes to play dressup!
#2 Tomorrow's memories, painted today is how John likes to describe acrylic paintings
#3 music is difficult to categorize, John likes to classify it as simply guitar music
#4 john likes to believe that he is both funny and engaging,
#5 Then they found that John likes to partake in marijuana, as they found a small ...
#6 John likes to wear his giraffe slippers, but they are getting holes worn in the ...
#7 John likes to articulate our defleshed bones.
#8 John likes to analyze every aspect of softball, including his "chopping" method
#9 ...As John likes to point out, "The government insists my writing must, by definition, be fiction!
#10 ...John likes to drink coffee and is instantly recognized in restaurants everywhere ...

(ht to EE)