I love dreams

I dream almost every night. And they are so vivid. It's almost like entering another world. Some people have told me they don't dream when the sleep, or at least can never remember them if they do. I feel sorry for these people because I know what they are missing.

If I wake up in the morning and go right back to sleep, I can usually pick up my dream where I left off. When this happens I have more control in the dream. I basically can direct it like a movie. This is called lucid dreaming and it's the best.

That being said, I had a hilarious dream last night. I won't share all of the nonsensical stuff but here's the gist of it. I went back to college with my wife and we both moved back into a small dorm room. It was funny because we tried to decorate this little room like a home, all 10ft x 10ft of it.

But here's the kicker. We had to share the room with two other girls! So in one dorm room there was I, my wife, and two girls! We each had our own twin beds, my wife and I shared one side of the room while the two girls shared the other. As this new arrangement was sinking in, I began to wonder...

NOT, how am I going to make love to my wife when there are two other girls in the room?

NOT, how are we going to get dressed in front of each other?

No, my big question was, how am I going to pass gas around these girls I barely even know? I know I'm going to have to fart sometime. This is a small room! I could stink up the whole thing.

Thankfully, as panic was setting in, I woke up not having see how it would turn out. Disaster avoided.

Here's my new roommates