Coffee: My Wonder Drug.

Well, it's official!  I've become a coffee drinker. 

I've resisted for a long time but I absolutely need it now.  It seems like I can't read a book without falling asleep.  Reading seems to be the true test of tiredness.  T.V. can keep you artificially awake for hours.  Not so with reading.  If you're tired when you sit down to read, you'll be asleep in minutes. 

Coffee gives me the needed jolt I need to make it through the day, reading to my hearts content.   

And I'm pretty amazed at the miracle of the coffee maker. This machine in my kitchen takes cold water and somehow makes it piping hot in less than 2 minutes, pushing it through coffee grounds, giving me a delicious cup of coffee!  I then add some creamer and suddenly I'm a Barista!

Unfortunately because of the simplicity, I end up drinking too much and I spend the rest of the day shaky and peeing every 5 minutes.  But it's a small price to pay for being awake alert.