Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

This year's Super Bowl had some really great Ads. Here's my top 5 and why.

#1 Sierra Mist: Beard Comb Over.
Reason: Three words: "Beard Comb Over!" / I love these comedians

#2 Snickers Kiss
Reason: I didn't see this coming. / Gross Out factor

#3 Coca-Cola: What Else Haven't I Done?
Reason: "Inspirational!" / "You go boy!"

#4 Career-Builder: Office Jungle Fight
Reason: Truly captures the feeling of a crappy job / Ingenious use of Office Supplies / Memorable tag-line

#5 Bud Light: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Reason: Reminiscent of the time I stabbed a man for an Almond Joy

If you missed any of the commercials you can find them here. They are divided by the quarter they were shown and by advertiser.