Is That You I Smell?

I saw the following story on "Inside Edition" about a Rare Medical Disorder.

Its a genetic, medical disorder called, Trimethylaminuria, which causes those afflicted to produce malodors similar to fish, garbage, and other foul-smelling substances. INSIDE EDITION meets a beautiful teacher who talks about how the disorder affects her everyday life.

The beautiful teacher, mentioned above, admits she smells like rotting fish! Doctors say it's due to a genetic mutation and there is no cure. Talk about being a dealt a bad hand in life. She stopped being a teacher when she could no longer handle the taunting by the kids. The students called her Miss Fishy. ABC news also did a story on her and you can find it here.

File this under: just another reminder that my problems really aren't as bad as they seem and that others have it way worse.