It's Time For A Black President!

How can it be that in the history of the United States we have never had a black President...

or a Female president for that matter?

Can anyone really argue that the only people intelligent enough and qualified enough to be President are white men? Now I have nothing against white men (I am one). I just can't believe the favor that white men are still given in politics. Just the fact that it would be a monumental story for a black person or a woman to be President reveals our prejudices against them. I want to see more qualified women and people of color get a shot at the big dance.

So for the next presidential election I'm definitely going to be looking closely at Barack Obama. I currently no nothing of his politics, but initially, he sounds intelligent, he's well spoken (unlike George Bush), and he looks presidential. If he closely represents my views and I think he will do a good job in office, Barack Obama will get my vote in the next election.

P.S. If Condi was running for President, she would definitely get my vote. (sorry Hillary)