Is it illegal to punch a teenager?

I had the weirdest experience happen to me yesterday. On my way to the DMV to renew my tags, a red car pulled up beside me with two male teenagers in it. I looked to my left and the kid on the passenger side is mouthing the words, "F_ _ K You." Again and again, "F_ _K You." I thought, did I cut this guy off or something? But I didn't think so. In fact, he wasn't ever in my lane. So I mouthed the words back "why?" And with a smile he flipped me off.

So we eventually end up at a stop light and I'm very curious at this time to why this guy is cursing me as we drive down the road, so I roll down the window, look him straight in the eye and ask politely, "Why are saying that?" His reply, "Your car makes you look like a Sh_t-head." His friend, the driver, just shook his head like his friend was an idiot. I couldn't agree more.

At this time, I wanted so badly to get out of my car, walk over to his window, grab him by the shirt and punch him in his mouth. Not because he insulted my car (I'm not embarrassed by what I drive-a 96 Saturn SL1). I wanted to punch him in his mouth because of his arrogance, because of his rude crassness to a complete stranger. What if I was driving home after a doctor's appointment where I was just told that I have terminal cancer? Then I had to deal with this punk spewing his evil at me. This guy didn't know me from Adam and he was verbally assaulting me.

His actions were just so insensitive!

 And for that, I wish I had punched him in the mouth.