Soooooooooo Awkward

I was in a public restroom the other day and was using a urinal much like the one in this picture. I was using the one on the right and after I was in mid-stream someone came in and started using the one in the middle. What happened next could only be described as incredibly awkward.

The man next to me put both of his elbows up on the stall dividers and urinated using no hands. But that's not the worst part! His right elbow was touching my left arm. That's right, he was no handing it and touching me while he and I were peeing! And when I'm saying he was touching me, I'm not saying his shirt was brushing up on mine. His arm was full-on touching me like a man putting his hand on someone's shoulder. Needless to say, I wrapped up my business as soon as possible and was out of there.