Could This Be True?

I read an interesting article in my Human Growth & Development class called, American Child Care Today. It is very pro pre-school and said the following,

Nonmaternal shared child care is, in fact, normative for the human young, both historically and worldwide: "Nonparental care is a universal practice with a long history, not a dangerous innovation representing a major deviation from species-typical and species-appropriate patterns of child care" (Lamb, in press). Exclusive maternal care of infants and young children is a cultural myth of an idealized 1950's, not a reality anwhere in the world either now or in earlier times. Child care has always been shared, usually among female relatives.

I have never heard this before. To me it's a pretty radical statement that goes against everything I've ever been taught. That's why school is so much fun, though. I love it when universally accepted ideas are challenged causing you to really think about what you believe and why. I'm still thinking on this one.